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We have a proud history of championing access rights across Dartmoor.

From our inception, we have worked to improve access to Dartmoor. One of our first campaigns at the end of the 19th Century was to ensure military firing at the new Okehampton range ceased on a Sunday, so that walkers could safely access the moor.

We were a key voice on the 1985 Dartmoor Commons Act, demanding that fair public access was considered an important part of any agreement.

As of 2023, the DPA is partially funding the retention of a DNPA Community Engagement Ranger. Together, we are working on education and experience packages to help young people to access the moor.

Projects include:

  • 'Girls Do Dartmoor' - helping girls and young people to overcome stereotypes and connect with outdoor activities
  • Nights Under the Stars - empowering disadvantaged young people to camp together and experience a night in nature

As a conservation charity, we believe that nature connectedness and respect comes from education and exposure to the natural world, not removal from it.

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Photo Credit:  Tim Monaghan/@timmonaghanphotography
Photo Credit: Tim Monaghan/@timmonaghanphotography