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For just £20 a year, you can become part of a community that cares deeply about preserving and enhancing Dartmoor National Park. Your membership funds will support our vital work in protecting and conserving the unique features of this stunning landscape, ensuring its future.

As a member, you'll receive email updates about our campaigns, plus a 3 x annual subscription to our member's magazine, which is packed with informative articles and news about our work on Dartmoor. You'll also be invited to join us for our upcoming events and walks, where you can explore the beauty of Dartmoor and meet other members who share your passion for this special place.

But that's not all - as a member, you'll also have a say in how the charity is run, including the opportunity to vote at our annual AGM. This means you can play an active role in shaping the future of the Dartmoor Preservation Association and have a direct impact on the work we do to protect this unique landscape.

Join the Dartmoor Preservation Association today and help us to preserve the natural beauty of Dartmoor for generations to come.

Annual Subscription - £20

Annual Subscription - £30

One Time Payment - £400 for life


All members are expected to abide by the objects of the Association as described in Section 3 of the Constitution which briefly amounts to the following:

The DPA is an association of like minded people who wish to protect and preserve the landscape the ecology and the natural beauty of Dartmoor. Also to protect and preserve public access to and on Dartmoor subject to the ancient rights of commoners.

Subscriptions become due on the date of joining and then on the anniversary of this date.