Backpack Camping Appeal Fundraiser

February 2023 – Dartmoor Preservation Association Launches Official Fundraiser for DNPA Appeal on the Backpack Camping Ban We are campaigning and fundraising to overturn the ban on backpack camping. We are the focus for public support to the National Park’s brave defence of access to the natural world. On 13th Jan 23, the High Court…

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DEFRA’s Response to the Landscapes Review

April 2022 – A Lost Opportunity for the Future of our Protected Landscapes? “It is essential that our cultural heritage is preserved and restored for the nation, and that sufficient funding is made available.” The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) have issued their response nearly four years after the government launched its…

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National Park Byelaw Proposals

HHW - Ross Barrett

November 2021- Dartmoor Preservation Association Critiques National Park Byelaw Proposals “Well-intentioned but confusing and over the top” was the DPA’s reaction to the Dartmoor National Park Authority’s proposed changes to the byelaws for public access on Dartmoor” The proposal comes from the Dartmoor National Park Authority following a sharp uptake in anti-social behaviour and inconsiderate…

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