Decision Deferred: the Backpack Camping Appeal Gets its Day in Court

July 25, 2023 |

July 2023 –

On 18 July the DPA joined a resolute gathering as it took place outside the Royal Courts of Justice, where individuals and organisations stood in solidarity with Right to Roam and The Stars are for Everyone, while the court heard arguments concerning open air recreation and backpack camping in Dartmoor National Park.

Inside the court, arguments were made pertaining to the definition of outdoor recreation, whether that stretches to activities that include sleeping, and whether a layer of tarpaulin and tent poles constitutes being outdoors at all.

Outside, the air buzzed with a sense of defiant celebration, declaring this moment, regardless of the ruling, as a triumph for all who champion public access to land.

What began as one more in a long line of attacks on long-accepted and celebrated traditions and freedoms on Dartmoor has metamorphosed into a monumental leap forward for access rights in England – and this achievement is a testament to the collective efforts of all who have participated.

#SaveDartmoor exemplifies the power of unity and the strength of shared values. It has shown that together, we can challenge and reshape the very fabric of our relationship with the land we cherish.

As we await the final decision, we pledge to keep the public informed of any developments.