Leave a Legacy

Leave a lasting legacy on Dartmoor. As an independent member organisation, our conservation work and campaigning activities are funded by the generosity of our donors. By leaving a legacy donation, or designating our Charity for in memoriam donations, however large or small, you can contribute to our ongoing work to protect this precious landscape for many years to come.



Remembering the Dartmoor Preservation Association in your Will is simple. Just add the following paragraph with the sum you intend to bequeath to a new Will or as a codicil to an existing Will:

'I bequeath unto the Dartmoor Preservation Association (Registered Charity No.1182974), Old Duchy Hotel, Princetown, Yelverton, Devon PL20 6QF, the sum of £ . . . . . . . . . . , free of duty, and declare that the signature of the DPA Treasurer or other authorised officer of the Dartmoor Preservation Association, shall be sufficient discharge for this legacy.'

Before making your Will, it's important to consider the following:

  1. Executors: Choose individuals who will fulfil your wishes and administer your estate.
  2. Assets: Assess the value of your assets, including properties, savings, investments, and personal possessions.
  3. Beneficiaries: Determine the family and friends you wish to remember in your Will. Additionally, consider leaving a gift to charity.

For a valid Will, ensure that it meets the following criteria:

  • It must be in writing.
  • The testator (the person making the Will) must sign it.
  • It must be signed by two witnesses present at the same time (note that witnesses cannot be beneficiaries of the Will).
  • The testator must have the "capacity" to make decisions, understand information, and communicate their choices.

Your gift to the Dartmoor Preservation Association will help ensure a wild and free Dartmoor that future generations will enjoy, just as we do today.

DPA Archive: Family trip to Dartmoor c.1938
DPA Archive: Family trip to Dartmoor c.1938

Your gift can be of any size, and all donations contribute to our mission of protecting and enhancing the precious landscape that our community holds dear.

Gifts generally fall into the following categories:


  1. Residuary gift: A portion of your estate that remains after paying debts, administration expenses, and specific gifts.
  2. Pecuniary gift: A specific amount of money designated for donation, which can be "index linked" to retain its value in line with inflation.
  3. Specific gift: A particular item, such as jewellery, artwork, or furniture, that you wish to leave.


Many supporters choose to leave a share of their estate (a residuary gift) as it maintains its value with inflation and allows you to provide for your loved ones. After considering those closest to you, would you consider leaving just 1% of your estate to the Dartmoor Preservation Association?

If you intend to gift to the DPA all or a substantial part of your estate, land or property, stocks and shares, we would advise you to consult your solicitor first, so that your wishes can be properly described in your Will. You are very welcome to contact the Hon. Treasurer of the DPA for advice on any aspect of leaving a legacy to us.

Please either write to The Treasurer, Dartmoor Preservation Association, Old Duchy Hotel, Princetown PL20 6QF or leave a message for our treasurer on (01822) 890646 and we will get in touch with you.