Moor Boots

March 21, 2024 | Comments Off on Moor Boots

March 2024 – We are thrilled to announce the relaunch of our successful small grant-giving scheme ‘Moor Boots’ as part of our mission to remove financial barriers to experiencing the great outdoors. Originally set up as part of the ‘Moor than Meets the Eye’ landscape partnership, the DPA worked with schools to identify need within a small number of students. The project was an enormous success in 2018-2019 and had a real impact on the students who were selected.  

This year, after some planning, we are pleased to be relaunching ‘Moor Boots’, bigger and better. To help the new pilot reach as large cohort as possible, we are collaborating with Ten Tors and Jubilee Challenge organisers to find and address unique needs within different teams across the region. 

Ten Tors is arguably the most demanding outdoor challenge for young people anywhere in UK National Parks and has been incredibly important introducing people to Dartmoor and setting a life-long love of National Parks in the next generation. 

The teams are out and training on Dartmoor every weekend right now. One recipient of the grant has described how support from Moor Boots has made the difference to them: 

“One barrier I have found is the cost of kit and equipment for Ten Tors. Once a student has exhausted the options of borrowing equipment from friends and family often the only option is to choose to not take part. The support from ‘Moor Boots’ could be the help a young person needs to continue their journey with Ten Tors and the great outdoors.” 

The Jubilee Challenge, closer to Okehampton Camp than the traditional Ten Tors Challenge, caters to young people aged 14 to 21 with complex needs who would otherwise struggle to access the tough and demanding nature of the full overnight challenge. Participants are supported to complete routes suited to their abilities, ensuring a fulfilling experience for everyone. 

Team leaders across the South-West have submitted a fully costed application to the DPA and we have approved grants for roughly 50 young people across 11 different organisations to buy high-quality camping equipment including hiking boots and waterproofs. Teams can then keep and reuse this equipment for future adventures.