Photography by Ross Barrett

Walks on Dartmoor

We offer a free programme of volunteer-led guided walks throughout the year, routes vary and are usually 5-10 miles in length.

Walking with the DPA is great way to keep fit, meet new people, and to discover lesser known features of Dartmoor from our knowledgeable guides.

We also host shorter guided walks each month. The date will normally be the 25th of the month except in December.

The walks will be about 3 miles in length and take about two and half hours, including a short coffee break near the halfway point.



All walks are free and are designed for members and non-members who feel they cannot join the longer walks. They will start at 10.00 am and following the walk there will be an optional lunch at a local hostelry. Be sure to bring some money for lunch.

It is hoped that in this way, we can improve accessibility to the joy of walking, introduce new walkers to the pleasures of the moor in a safe manner, or attract older walkers who no longer wish to undertake strenuous walks, or walkers who do not want to venture out on their own.

The walks will start from easy-to-reach car parks and will be on ground that is not difficult, following established tracks where possible.

Remember to wear appropriate clothing, bring food and drink, and register your interest either with the event organiser. All events are subject to weather conditions, dogs permitted at the discretion of the organiser.



It is with a heavy heart that we learned of the passing of Keith Ryan. Keith was not only a longstanding, dedicated DPA Trustee, he was also a remarkable walk leader and DPA organiser.
Keith was the brains behind the original DPA blog, the precursor to what is now our website. He also created our short walks programme to ensure Dartmoor stays accessible for as many people as possible, and contributed countless hours to the DPA, volunteering and leading events across Dartmoor.

In 2020, we published a limited number of Short Walks on Dartmoor, written by Keith. The books proved so popular, we had sold out of available copies by 2021!

Unfortunately, due to the current costs of printing, another print run of the book is unfeasible without substantially increasing the price of the book.

We want to share Keith's legacy with as many people as possible, so have decided to release the PDF version online in his memory.